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Born and raised on Martha's Vineyard, I began taking pictures at the age of five, when I was given a Polaroid camera for my birthday. Since then, I knew that I would be a professional photographer (though there was a brief period in third grade when I believed I’d be an astronaut).

I graduated from Boston University with a degree in photojournalism, and immediately began my career at the Boston Herald. I was lucky to photograph the 2004 presidential election and the World Series, with a broad range of other events throughout New England and the Country. Eventually, I left the paper to pursue my love of documenting people, and in 2010, focused a large part of my career on weddings, having now been a part of hundreds of celebrations over the past several years. I currently split my time between Martha’s Vineyard and Boston, MA. My wonderful wife Caitlin Cunningham is an event photographer, with a large collection of clients in the Boston Area. We have a superhero 6 year old who battles type 1 Diabetes every day.

Often, I’m asked about my photographic style; I respond that my goal is to be invisible. Capturing a person's moment of greatest joy always makes a powerful impression on me. Photography is not simply my profession; it is my passion. A great image is defined by its transparency – when people view a well-composed photograph, they are able to experience the feelings of an exact moment frozen in time: a father hugging his daughter as he sends her to stand with her future husband, a mother cuddling her newborn, a couple who just announced to the world that they plan to share their lives together.